What do you mainly use your horse for?

Jane Bolser

It was a tough challenge for Nick when he started teaching me. I had been doing dressage for a year or so but really wanted to event. However, a horse lacking in confidence and a rider lacking in technique is not a good combination. It was leading to erratic jumping rounds that I was starting to dread.

A year on and thanks to Nick’s extremely patient and encouraging support much has improved. My riding is more effective and consistent and as a result my horse is more relaxed and responsive. We are now happy around a BE80 course and are planning to move up to BE90 soon. What’s more our dressage scores have improved too.

I now realise that regular, consistent training is crucial if you want to progress. Trying to improve on your own with an odd lesson here and there is just not enough. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone in this position – he is very supportive and encouraging but also experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you get the best from your horse.

Jane Bolser, Addingham


Nick Wood is a talented and inspiring coach. After some years of struggling with my home bred gelding, I was ready to give up my riding. However, after working with Nick for a very short time, I have found a great connection with my horse and hope to keep progressing and eventually compete in some dressage competitions.

Nick has not only given me confidence in my very rusty horse skills, he has also given my horse confidence. He has the ability to both motivate and identify what you need to work on to move forward.

I can fully recommend Nick Wood as an exceptional trainer!

Julie Harper, Bracewell


I never got the chance to thank you properly for all the help you gave me in college and how much confidence you gave me.

I genuinely feel that if we hadn't had you as a tutor, I wouldn't know what I do now and I would still be doubting myself.

I want you to know that all your hard work with us did not go unnoticed .... most of all, we all saw an improvement within ourselves with you as a tutor.

Equine College Student